Summer Gardening Hacks: 5 Tricks to a Successful Garden

Welcome to the sunny side of gardening! Be prepared to unearth some sensational summer hacks that will have you sprouting success in your backyard haven. As the sun shines brighter in the summertime, so does our enthusiasm for cultivating a vibrant oasis filled with nature’s finest hues. With a pinch of creativity and a dash of fun, we’ll explore delightful tricks to make your garden the ultimate summer sanctuary. Get ready to dig in and bask in the joy of green-thumb adventures. Grab your hat and sunscreen, because this summer, it’s time to take your gardening hacks to the next level.

Pop Bottle Irrigation

Behold the marvelous pop bottle irrigation—a brilliant way to quench your garden’s thirst and add a splash of whimsy to your planting game! Picture this: a lineup of colorful soda bottles, eagerly waiting to become the heroes of hydration for your beloved greens. Here’s how it works! Grab your used pop bottles and cut off the bottom by about half an inch. Then, making sure that the lid is tightly on the bottle, drill holes in the lid. Put your pop bottle lid down about 2 to 3 inches away from the base of the plant. Now all you have to do is fill up your pop bottle and let gravity do the rest. It’s a quick way for your plants to enjoy the water without lots of work and an excellent way to utilize your recyclables! Struggling with strict summer water regulations? This garden hack could be the secret to your plants’ success in the heat of summer!

DIY Seed Tape

Prepare to be amazed by the enchanting world of DIY seed tape! Imagine a magical tapestry of seeds, carefully nestled in a cleverly crafted strip, just waiting to be unraveled into your garden’s grand design. To make seed tape you will need: a ruler, marker, 2 tablespoons white flour, 1 tablespoon water, single-ply toilet paper (you can also use 2-ply and simply split it in half), and your seeds. Step one is to make the seed glue. Simply mix the flour and water together in a small bowl. The key is to make sure the glue is moist enough that will allow it to stick but not too much so that the seeds do not absorb the water and start spouting before you are ready. Next, unroll your toilet paper to the desired length and using your ruler mark the distance between the seeds. Seed spacing depends on the fruit/veggie so make sure to check your seed packet for spacing guidelines. Step 3 is to place your seeds on the marks you have made. Once placed, dot the perimeter of the toilet paper with your seed glue and fold your paper in half to close off the seed tape. If you are planting them right away, take them off to the garden and plant the tape at the required depth. If you are not planting right away, roll up your seed tape and store it in a cool dry space until you are ready to plant. Now all that is left is to water and watch your seeds grow at the perfect spacing distance.

Keep the Critters out with Forks

Step aside critters, for the mighty garden forks have come to guard our greens! These trusty kitchen utensils prove their worth beyond mashing potatoes as they morph into fierce defenders of our precious plant kingdom. With their prongs pointed out and at the ready, they form a fierce barrier against pesky intruders. Wedged firmly into the ground like a fearless phalanx, they deter curious rabbits and sneaky squirrels from nibbling on our prized produce. It’s an ingenious yet simple hack that gives our garden a whimsical touch while keeping it critter-free. So, let the forks stand tall and vigilant, ready to protect our tender crops from any critter that dares to trespass into our verdant paradise. With these warriors on duty, you can rest assured that our garden is safe and flourishing, undisturbed by any unwanted guests.

Waste Not, Want Not: Reuse Your Kitchen Water

We all have pasta water that we are about to drain down the sink or old coffee that we haven’t turned into iced coffee and is now ready to throw out. But now you can repurpose that water and instead of heading to the drain cool it down and use it to water your plants. Relatively clean water that you have used can serve a second purpose to hydrate your garden. So before tossing that extra water down the drain, think of your green friends in the garden and give them a watering.

Deter Pests the Natural Way

Nature’s pest deterrents are Mother Earth’s secret weapons, stealthily guarding our gardens without harmful chemicals. These defenders of green sanctuaries come in all shapes and forms, from fragrant varieties like lavender, and mint that pests can’t stand. Marigolds attract beneficial insects like Ladybugs and praying mantis that emerge as heroic allies, fearlessly feasting on bothersome bugs. Even humble onions and garlic step up as potent repellents, warding off creepy crawlies with their pungent aromas. Embracing these natural pest warriors not only safeguards our plants but also ensures a harmonious balance in the ecosystem.

So it’s time to get creative, hop in the garden, and test out some of our best gardening hacks! With these simple gardening tips, you can help your garden to grow and flourish with ease! Have fun and enjoy your garden.

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