One of my must-have bulbs for my spring garden is alliums, also known as ornamental garlic. Blooming in the spring with flowers like balloons, I love their whimsical presence. The large alliums make a huge statement, whereas the smaller varieties add fun textures to garden beds. There are so many different alliums to choose from, with many different heights and

As the summer months wrap up, cooler weather starts to roll in and autumn appears. It’s a season of leaves changing colour, crisp fresh air, pumpkins, and it is also a very exciting time for gardeners! Spring flowering bulbs hit the garden centre shelves, complete with standard favourites along with some dazzling new varieties! It’s now time to plan out

The key to a beautiful garden is understanding what grows well given the space and lighting that you have.  If your landscape has deciduous trees, tall mature shrubs, faces north, or receives minimal sunlight, you know exactly what I'm talking about! Shady areas in your garden have limited light and yet there are so many wonderful plants that will thrive within