Gardening in the shade offers a unique and rewarding experience for those willing to embrace its challenges. While shaded and low-light areas may initially seem limiting, there is a world of possibilities to create a lush, tranquil retreat. Shade gardens can be incredibly beautiful, showcasing a variety of plants with rich foliage, delicate flowers, and intriguing textures. The cooler, sheltered

The key to a beautiful garden is understanding what grows well given the space and lighting that you have.  If your landscape has deciduous trees, tall mature shrubs, faces north, or receives minimal sunlight, you know exactly what I'm talking about! Shady areas in your garden have limited light and yet there are so many wonderful plants that will thrive within

Looking for new ideas for your garden? Curious about alternatives on where and how to grow plants? Vertical gardening is a popular trend in the world of gardening. With the ability to add creativity, design, form, and function into a garden space, it’s not hard to see why this method is rising in popularity. Vertical gardening is excellent for both large

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, from small to large and everything in between. Not all gardeners are blessed with the luxury of an ample plot of land to plant whatever their heart desires. For some, planting wide, spreading, and tall varieties is not in the cards. Thankfully, whatever the size of the garden, there are gorgeous bulbs, perennials

Looking for Something New for Your Garden? Every year two outstanding perennials are showcased in the world of horticulture. This year, Hosta ‘Dancing Queen’ wins the title of Hosta of the Year, and Aralia ‘Sun King’ is honored with the award of Perennial of the Year. These two varieties are exceedingly worthy of these accolades. Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’ ‘Sun King’ is a

Hostas entice gardeners with their beautiful sumptuous foliage in wide-ranging color patterns, leaf textures, as well as varied shapes and sizes.  Oh, there are so many hostas and too little time to explore them all, but check out these top performers that enjoy the sun and resist the slugs. Are there truly sun tolerant hostas? It’s well known that hostas were not