Jump Start Begonias

Yellow Begonias

Begonias are ideal for containers and you can easily grow them from dormant tubers. Get a jump start and shop for tubers at your favorite local garden center now through February and March. You can have begonias blooming in time for Victoria Day!

Begonia BulbsLarge sized tubers have more growing points. Florissa’s begonia tubers are 6/cm which grow into larger, more prolific plants right from the start. Look for tubers that feel dense and firm to the touch when you purchase them.

Plant tubers indoors eight weeks before moving them outdoors. All you need is a seed tray or container with good drainage and moist sandy growing medium. It’s important for the growing medium to be well-draining. A 50/50 mix of sand and peat moss is recommended.

Potting Begonias

Evenly fill the seed tray with the moistened growing mix. Place the tubers into shallow holes with the growing points facing upwards and the rounded root side down. Leave enough space all around each tuber to promote good root growth. Cover lightly with the growing mix. You should still see the growing points and rounded shoulders of the tubers when finished.

Move the seed tray to a warm sunny location indoors. Check the mix often for moisture and if necessary, water lightly, avoiding overly wet conditions.

Tuberous begonias take a while to show growth, but once budding leaves appear, young starts can be individually transplanted to more permanent containers. Try planting tubers in clusters for added impact in your containers. In mid to late spring when all danger of frost has passed, containers can be moved outdoors.

Begonia's in Pots

Begonias grow best in part-shade locations, beneath tall trees, in containers on a shady deck, or areas that receive filtered sunlight. Water and fertilize them regularly, especially during hot and dry periods, but avoid wetting their foliage. They’ll bloom continuously from June right up to first frost.

Planting Spring Bulbs with Florissa Series


  • Rowena Low
    June 30, 2019

    Hello I bought quite a few Florida begonias each in their own packaging and the all grew well. Except the flowers aren’t double like the picture. I’ve fertilized and I’ve even pinched off the female bud. Still the blooms are singles. I’m disappointed!

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