Albino Berries: Pineapple Meet Strawberry!

Albino BerriesStrawberry, meet Pineapple! Albino Berries are a new white Strawberry that is sure to impress with its excellent flavour similar to a pineapple. They are a unique small berry, about the size of a nickel, which is a white to blush pink with bright red seeds. Perfect for any berry recipe!

Although the Albino Berry is a new variety, it has a great history. When North and South American strawberries were brought to Europe in the 17th and 18th century, they were planted side by side. This allowed the two different varieties to cross-pollinate and create today’s modern strawberry. However, during this time, white/pink seedlings were also produced but ignored as they were not the desired bright red strawberry we know and love.

Centuries later, a Dutch breeder intentionally produced the Albino Berry by refining and planting white strawberry seedlings alongside pollinator strawberries. By perfecting the process, they were able to create this new Albino Berry, a tasty berry that you can now enjoy!

Because the Albino Berry is not self-fertile like other strawberries, it requires pollen from other varieties to produce fruit. For this reason, Florissa brand Albino Berries are always planted with the Sonata strawberries, a large red strawberry with excellent flavour and appearance.

Sonata Strawberries Hula BerriesPlanting Albino Strawberries

  1. Prepare the soil as you would any other strawberry:
    • Separate the plants and plant each with the crown even with the ground level.
    • Space the plants about 50-60 cm (18-24”) apart in rows 90 cm (4’) apart.
  1. Plant Albino Berries with Sonata Strawberries in order to cross-pollinate. These two varieties are sold together to ensure proper growth.
  2. Water thoroughly after planting, through the growing and production season.
  3. Plants flower within 3-4 weeks after planting and fruit will appear 3-4 weeks after flower initiation. Making it an average of only 55 days from planting to being able to eat the berries.
  4. Albino Berries are fast growers, so runners should be removed to allow plants to focus their energy on flower and fruit production.

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Happy Planting!



  • Donna
    May 3, 2021

    Hello, instructions here are different than what is on the box I have purchased. Box says 5 plants June bearing strawberry. To plant 20″ apart in rows of 36″ apart. During the first growth year remove all blossoms and fruit stems until the following June? I was wanting to plant in long containers however now wondering if that is possible. Also in this 5 pack I purchased are the Sonata strain included?

  • Florissa
    May 13, 2021

    Hi Donna – Please follow the instructions on the package as it is updated information on this variety. The packages are now only with Albino Berry and you will need to plant them near your other Junebearing strawberries for cross-pollinating. for eh first year you will want to remove the blooms like all Junebearing varieties to encourage plant growth to have an amazing crop the following year.

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