Stretch the Season of Colour with Tulips

Tulips are well known as burst of variety and colour in the spring.

They are easy to grow and provide beautiful focal points and borders in your garden as well as a stunning cut flower. Why not maximize the amount of tulips next spring by making sure to plant bulbs that will bloom in Early, Mid and Late spring. Mixing in the combination of tulips in the same place will ensure you have a continuous amount of beauty in your garden all spring. Here are a few of my favourite suggestions:

Early Spring Blooming

Blooms Late March-April.  Includes varieties of Fosteriana, Greigii, Kaufmanniana, Mini Botanical, Single Early, Delight Series, and Double Early Tulips.

Keukenhof 2013

Princess Irene

IBC-16april07 0011

Peach Blossom

Tulip Yokohama early Ibulb_209821


Mid Spring Blooming

Blooms April-Early May. Including varieties of Triumph and Multi-flowering Tulips.

Easter 2014

Strong Gold

Quebec 007


Tulip innuendo mid Ibulb_204548


Late Spring Blooming

Blooms Late April-May. Including varieties of Darwin Hybrid, Darwin (Single Late), Fringed, Double Fringed, Double Peony, Novelty Double Peony Viridiflora, Lily Flowering and Parrot Tulips.

Keukenhof 2014


Tulip abigail purple late Ibulb_209737


Tulip queen of night late Ibulb_207206

Queen of Night

It’s almost fall, which is the time to plant these gorgeous tulip bulbs so be sure to pick up a variety of early, mid & late to maximize your spring colour! Packages are labelled with blooming times to make it easy to plan your garden.

Happy Planting!


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