Red Amaryllis – The Perfect Holiday Flower!

Amaryllis Red Lion iBulb_206183_sm_nologoIf you’re bored with the typical Poinsettia plant for Christmas or even just looking for some variety, Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are a perfect option!

They are available in many colours. 

There are many that feature the classic red and green combination which is what draws many people to the classic Poinsettia as it just screams ‘Holiday Season’. Enjoy them this holiday to impress all your guests with festive displays, table centerpieces or just a simple potted plant on the windowsill.

Amaryllis can be purchased as a bulb and then forced indoors, or you can purchase them closer to the holiday season as a flowering plant. I suggest growing your own indoors as it’s easy to do and you can watch it grow for a few weeks – what satisfaction! If you’re new to indoor forcing, check out last week’s post on Forcing Paperwhite Narcissi.

To get your Holiday inspiration going, here are some of my favourite red Amaryllis:

Amaryllis Vixen Amaryllis Red Lion


‘Red Lion’

Amaryllis Blitzen Amaryllis Rudolph



 Amaryllis Red Pearl

‘Red Pearl’

Head to your nearest garden centre to see all the colourful varieties of Amaryllis including white, pink and novelty varieties.

Happy Planting,