How to Cultivate the Perfect Mother’s Day: Gardening Gifts Edition!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate the women in our lives who have nurtured and cared for us. At Florissa, we have put together a guide of excellent gifts and fun ideas to honour the moms who love to garden, have a green thumb or an appreciation for plants! If you’re stuck for an idea of what to give the person who helped you grow into the awesome human being you are today, check out our list of top 10 gift ideas!

Dried Floral Bouquet

Fresh flowers are wonderful, but what about a bouquet that will last forever? Visit your local garden center or florist and request a dried flower bouquet. For the mom who loves long-lasting colour, dried florals now include whimsical, bright-coloured stems, feathery pampas grass, and sweet little bunny tail grass. No watering required of course; an everlasting floral bouquet is a perfect gift that requires no extra work. 

Not sure where to find dried florals? Retailer Request and we can direct you to your nearest garden center.


Boring is for the birds! That’s why this unique and adorable bird feeder is the perfect gift for your mom! A sweet addition to your mom’s backyard, available in many fun designs from mini patio swings to hand-crafted wooden art pieces.  A bird feeder provides the perfect perch for feathered friends to gather.  Is your mom more of a hummingbird watcher? There are many stylish of options too.  Check out Etsy for some of our favourite, hand crafted bird feeders!

Hand Therapy Cream

Hardworking hands need care! Treat your mom to a cream specially formulated with gardeners in mind. One of our favourites is Crabtree and Evelyn this intensive conditioning cream leaves hands feeling softer, especially after an afternoon spent working in the garden.

Dibber Gardening Tool

Excellent for planting bulbs and seeds, this wooden yet lightweight tool is engraved with depth measurements to make planting accurately a breeze. To use you push the metal tipped blade into the loosened soil and swirl it around to make a hole the size needed for planting. This handy garden tool make planting a breeze.

Gardener’s Clay Soap

Not to worry – this won’t be used to clean out your mouth! This porous, pumice-like bar of soap is made in France. It is made of a terra-cotta like baked clay that is infused with a long-lasting soap. Gentle on the skin but excellent for removing dirt and stains, this Gardener’s Clay Soap is what every garden-loving mom needs on standby.

Potted Rose

Give the gift of a beautiful rose that will last for years in her garden! A stunning, potted rose is an amazing addition to any garden space or patio. Check out some of our favourite varieties here. Not sure where to find the perfect rose for mom? Retailer Request and we can direct you to your nearest garden center.

Plant Self-Waterer

For the mom who loves plants, but sometimes forgets her watering schedule (it’s me, hi!).  Our favourite is the fun Plant Life Support Self-Waterer. Give her indoor house plants some TLC with this hilariously designed and efficient self-watering system. It will deliver a steady drip of hydration to any potted plant for up to seven days depending on the flow setting. An ideal solution for taking care of plants while your mom is out of town, this gift is sure to be a winner.

Gardener’s Seed Saving Kit

This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the mom in your life who loves to collect and preserve her own seeds. With lots of aesthetically pleasing details, this seed saving kit also comes with a chart that outlines how to collect different types of seeds. What a perfect way to say thank you to the mom who helped you grow!

Weather Proof Notebook

Say goodbye to soggy notes taken on a drizzly day in the garden! This weather-proof notebook is ideal for the mom who loves to put her observations on paper and detail out plans for her garden space in a handy, small booklet. Filled with helpful prompts, the waterproof and dirt proof planner is an excellent and unique gift for your mom.

Gift Card from your mom’s favourite local garden center.

This gift is always a winning idea! Visit your local garden center and purchase a gift card so that your mom can fill her shopping cart with her favourite plants and gardening tools. Nothing could be easier than saying thank you with a gift card card that supports one of her favourite hobbies!

If your mom’s love language is acts of service think of how you can help in the garden with tasks that may be daunting for her like weeding, power washing, repairing structures or building raised beds.  Or if sharing time is what she loves most, set-up a patio picnic for her to relax and share stories from a memory box of pictures and keepsakes.  The goal is to celebrate the women in your life with a gift that she will love this Mother’s Day! Let’s say thank you to the moms that do so much for us – show her your love with one of these unique, gardening inspired gifts. From all of us here at Florissa, Happy Mother’s Day!

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