Beat the Winter Blues – January Gardening

While we work our way into the new year and January is here, gardeners are probably cozied up by the fireplaces or re-reading their favourite garden magazines, just waiting for Spring to arrive. However, if you have a bit of a itch to keep your garden in it’s best shape and want to continue to keep your gardening hobby going year round, there are plenty of things you can do in the start of the year.

Clearing Snowfall

Be sure to clear off any heavy snowfall throughout your garden on shrubs and trees to help prevent heavy snow and ice damage. Branches can often hold lots of the light fluffy stuff but once it gets a bit heavy it can snap branches, they aren’t as strong in the winter!

If using salt to melt ice on driveways and pathways, be careful where you spread to avoid damage in the garden. Salt-saturated soil will weaken your garden as the salt can’t absorb enough water. It also burns your current garden showoffs like shurbs.


Some pruning can be done at this time of year to trees and hedges, if weather permits. It’s also a good time to make sure all your tools are clean and in good shape. Don’t forget to organize your shed to make room for all those gardening Christmas gifts you got!

Prepare for Spring Purchases

Start making a list of Spring bulbs, perennials and fruits/vegetables to buy as the time to purchase will sneak up on you before you know it! Take note of what you may want to replace from last year and map out any garden redesigning you may want to do.

Enjoy winter guests

Some birds like to show up in the winter looking for snacks, particularly winter berries. They look particularly beautiful on a snow covered sunshine filled day! Having a bird feeder in the yard will also encourage their visits.

Indoor Gardening

It’s definitely the coldest time of year, so head indoors and give attention to your indoor plants. Winter is very dry so they still require a good amount of attention and watering. You can also check out your nearest garden centre to start getting inspired for Spring or pick up a few potted plants to enjoy until your Spring flowers start to appear.



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