There is nothing quite as beautiful as a fresh garden rose in your favourite vase, giving off the most perfect fragrance and making a colourful statement in your home. Planting roses for cutting is a great way to have fresh flowers in your home, and while it may seem like an intimidating task, with the right knowledge and information you can

When choosing fruit and berries to plant in my yard, I always think about the delicious recipes I can make with my harvest. After planting and carefully tending to the fruit and berries in my garden, I am rewarded with a tasty bounty! Fresh fruit is amazing to eat right off the bush, tree, or vine. However, it’s always nice

With summer comes bright sunshine, warm days, and fantastic garden colour. During the summer you see the bright colour yellow all around. From the radiant morning sun to stunning sunsets, shades of vibrant yellow appear in the garden. Yellow pops in a garden landscape! Heliopsis Burning Hearts (False Sunflower) What’s summer without sunflowers? Add bright sunny yellow and orange blooms to the

Ornamental grasses are an easy way to add texture and movement to the garden. They come in many forms, from tall and stately to short and tufted, making them very versatile for any kind of landscape design. Ornamental grasses require little maintenance, and many provide year-round interest with their changing foliage colours and textures. By combining grass into your garden,