Welcome to the world of culinary creativity and self-sufficiency, where the bountiful harvest from your very own garden transforms into delightful jars of pickled perfection and sumptuous jams that burst with flavour. Whether you're an avid gardener seeking to extend the lifespan of your produce or a curious food enthusiast eager to explore the art of preservation, this blog is

When choosing fruit and berries to plant in my yard, I always think about the delicious recipes I can make with my harvest. After planting and carefully tending to the fruit and berries in my garden, I am rewarded with a tasty bounty! Fresh fruit is amazing to eat right off the bush, tree, or vine. However, it’s always nice

With summer comes bright sunshine, warm days, and fantastic garden colour. During the summer you see the bright colour yellow all around. From the radiant morning sun to stunning sunsets, shades of vibrant yellow appear in the garden. Yellow pops in a garden landscape! Heliopsis Burning Hearts (False Sunflower) What’s summer without sunflowers? Add bright sunny yellow and orange blooms to the

Astilbe Astilbe enhances our shady spaces and woodland gardens. When grown in rich moist soils, these plants benefit from dappled light and can tolerate the morning sun. Astilbe only ask that you water them regularly and if you do, you’ll discover how easy they are to maintain. Long-lasting plumes consist of hundreds of tiny flowers which attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The

Summer is a great time to get out into the garden and tackle those essential tasks that keep your outdoor space looking its best. After the bulbs are planted and the seeds are sown, continual attention can help make sure it looks its best all summer long. Here are some tips for tackling summer gardening tasks. Clean Up the Patio A job

As the spring flowers are blooming, it is already time to think about your summer garden. This year, fill your garden with bright splashes of colour, exotic shapes, and large blooms! Combinations of different varieties in the garden create interest for the eye, as there are so many wonderful elements to look at! With endless stunning varieties to plant in

When it comes to creating the perfect summer garden, there are endless possibilities! Taking a trip to the garden centre in spring and purchasing different bulbs, perennials and annuals is a lot of fun. But will these varieties work together? Are they the best choices for your garden? There’s a bit of planning that is needed when thinking about planting