Ever notice the curly pig-tailed-shaped stem that tops hard-neck garlic plants? It’s called a scape, and it appears about a month or so before it’s time to harvest those robust bulbs below. Garlic scapes are soft, lime green, and leafless, and at the end of each of them is a tightly closed flower bud. If you leave the scape on

  Gladiolus is one of the most dramatic yet sophisticated summer cut flowers. They take center stage when placed in a large vase, engaging an entire room with orchid-like blooms opening along sword-like stems. They’re available in many gorgeous colors, some also have fringed or ruffled edges. You can buy gladiolus flowers from grocery stores as a mid-summer treat, but you’ll

Whether you’re enhancing the patio and deck or creating a stunning focal point for the mixed border, check out these go-together blends by Florissa. Dahlia Canadian Celebration Dahlia Canadian Celebration starts this party and keeps it going all summer long with fun and vibrant semi-double blooms in true red and white. Dahlias are great cutting flowers, so snip a few for bouquets. The