An easy-to-grow and highly versatile vegetable, potatoes are a favourite for gardeners. Growing potatoes is easy, and there are many different varieties to choose from. From early to late season harvests, there is a wide range of different potato varieties. A great feature of this favoured root vegetable is that they can be stored for months in a cold, dark

Hardy garden shrubs provide texture, colour, and structure to an outdoor space. They are easy to care for, will last for many seasons, and require minimal maintenance. Shrub varieties come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a unique landscape design. Manicured garden shrubs create a natural backdrop to your spring blooms, summer flowers, and

Spring is such an amazing time of year! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and everyone is excited for longer days and time enjoyed outdoors. Make the most of the season and create a spring bucket list so you can take advantage of the warm weather and make memories that will last! Check out Florissa's springtime bucket list below! Visit

When thinking of lilies, does it evoke a sense of elegance, sweet fragrance and long-lasting colour? Do you have a favourite variety of lilies? Lilium is a huge genus of herbaceous flowering plants, also known as lilies. Sometimes flowers get the name lily tagged on like Calla Lily (Zantedeschia), Canna Lily (Canna) or Climbing Lily (Gloriosa). This article will answer

Create a relaxing harmony in your garden with water features complemented by aquatic perennials! Water gardens can include small garden ponds, bogs, and fountains. The more elaborate aquatic gardens may even incorporate waterfalls and watercourses. When building an aquatic garden, don’t skimp on the dressings! Flowers, ferns, grasses, and other perennials are essential for thriving and attractive water features. Selecting

For those who are sensitive to perfumes, a scent-free garden can be the perfect haven! There are many options to create the perfect garden that is scent-free. Create an oasis of relaxation without strong scents by selecting plants that don’t emit fragrances. Enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers and lush foliage, while not being overpowered by strong perfumes! Here are

As the spring flowers are blooming, it is already time to think about your summer garden. This year, fill your garden with bright splashes of colour, exotic shapes, and large blooms! Combinations of different varieties in the garden create interest for the eye, as there are so many wonderful elements to look at! With endless stunning varieties to plant in

Spring-blooming magic does not happen overnight. Planting our garden favourites requires a bit of love, attention, and especially time for them to bloom. There aren’t many shortcuts when it comes to mother nature. However, there are some shortcuts when it comes to productivity in the garden. Here are some of our favourite gardening hacks that will make your life easier! Make

Gardening is a lifelong journey of learning. We are not born knowing how to plant and sow. It is from family, teachers, and friends that we learn how to grow, cultivate, and enjoy the rewards of the garden. In all of life’s adventures, they start with an action, whether it is asking a question, making a plan, or just walking around