Decorative grasses are an excellent addition to the garden, offering a versatile and low-maintenance way to add texture, movement, and beauty. Whether you're aiming for a contemporary landscape design or a more naturalistic look, there is a decorative ornamental grass to suit every type of garden. Fountain Grass - Pennisetum Known for its graceful arching foliage and feathery plumes, fountain grass adds

Ornamental grasses are an easy way to add texture and movement to the garden. They come in many forms, from tall and stately to short and tufted, making them very versatile for any kind of landscape design. Ornamental grasses require little maintenance, and many provide year-round interest with their changing foliage colours and textures. By combining grass into your garden,

The key to a beautiful garden is understanding what grows well given the space and lighting that you have.  If your landscape has deciduous trees, tall mature shrubs, faces north, or receives minimal sunlight, you know exactly what I'm talking about! Shady areas in your garden have limited light and yet there are so many wonderful plants that will thrive within

Most dogs enjoy dog-friendly pathways around and through the yard. If you watch them, you’ll notice they take the same routes frequently. Your dog might already have a well-worn path along a fence line where it seems nothing can grow. Don’t try to change your dog or its course. Instead, let their path become part of the garden design behind