Bulbs in pots – for the ultimate feeling of spring, indoors and out

Tired of winter and longing for spring? Is your living room, terrace or balcony ready for a breath of springtime? Create this new look in minutes – with spring bulbs in pots. Flowers, colour and sunlight brighten up everything you do. It’s time to bring sunshine back!

Say good-bye to winter, and hello to spring!

Adding colour
Adding colour and zest to your home can be done in many ways, and one of them is by using bulbs in pots. Just as textiles, candles and other home accessories create colourful accents, so do colourful bulb flowers. No matter what look you want to create, bulbs in pots are the perfect solution. Sometimes it’s nice to rinse off their roots and display the whole plant, bulbs and all. Since the bulb contains all the energy it needs to grow and flower, just a little water provides beautiful results.

Inside and outside
Bulbs in pots are available up to and through the Easter season. Kept indoors, they will bloom for an average of 7 to 14 days depending on the temperature in the living room. Bulbs in pots prefer cool temperatures (not above 20 °C), so choose a spot that’s not too warm. Kept on a terrace or balcony, spring bulbs in pots provide weeks of cheerful springtime colour!

So many different kinds
And they make it smell like spring, too! Sweetly scented hyacinths, heart-warming daffodils, colourful grape hyacinths, and charming little squills in a pot: they can’t help but brighten your day! Just a glance in their direction is enough to lift one’s spirits.