Which way is up? Planting bulbs.

When it comes to planting bulbs, it’s best to set them up for success.

Planting the bulb the correct way will allow it to grow upwards and produce beautiful flowers. Bulbs are smart though, if you do plant them in the incorrect way, they will automatically force themselves to send their roots down and their flowers up, however, they may get stuck along the way and you could end up not seeing any flowers at all.

Planting Muscari Bulbs Direction

Many bulbs are easy to tell which way is up. The pointed side goes up and the roots go down. You can see here in this Muscari clearly where the roots are and the “point” that needs to go upwards!

Planting Anemone Corms which way up

Some bulbs are a little trickier though, such as anemone corms. They are oddly shaped and it may be difficult to tell the top from the bottom. The solution? Plant them on their sides, that way they have a better chance of growing upwards and not get stuck going down first.

Happy Planting!

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