Experience the Beauty and Charm of Wax Amaryllis

One of the best parts of the holidays is decorating your home to spread the festive cheer. Adding beautiful floral arrangements and organic elements to your home can undoubtedly uplift your décor and make you feel happy and festive. Many dress their homes with holly, poinsettias, mistletoe, and garland, but have you ever heard of decorating with wax amaryllis? These flowers are like no other and can make your home decoration unique and even more remarkable!

About Amaryllis

A waxed amaryllis is a unique and easy alternative to growing amaryllis in soil. It only takes 4-6 weeks for the gorgeous trumpet-shaped blooms to unfurl. Each waxed bulb produces 2-3 stems, and each stem bears 4-5 blooms! Waxed amaryllis are available in bloom colours of white or red, so you can choose the one that complements your décor the most. Amaryllis blooms last for weeks, providing you with gorgeous blooms throughout the holiday season. This can be very useful when you are trying to add festive charm to your home, and you don’t want to struggle with replacing cut flowers throughout the Christmas season.

Waxed amaryllis are intended for single use. As easy as they are to grow, they are even easier for after-blooming care at the end of the season! Simply remove the metal stand (if you were using one), and dispose of the bulb, wax and all, into the compost. To learn more about amaryllis, including the different varieties of amaryllis, read our blog All About Amaryllis.

Novelty Waxed Amaryllis

Novelty waxed amaryllis bring personality, whimsy, and creative designs to your holiday displays. These amaryllis are adorned with unique patterns, imprints, and dressings! Add glitter to your holiday displays with the Frozen Glitter trio or the All that Glitters trio! These sparkling amaryllis will add shimmer and shine to your Christmas arrangements and displays.

Add additional creativity to your décor with Picasso Art amaryllis inspired by the unique art of its namesake! The Marbled Wax trio fits well into any Christmas centerpiece or display you are creating. Available in red, green, and gold, these three are the perfect pops of Christmas colour!

Looking for something fun and jolly? Add character and whimsy with reindeer, snowmen, and colourful lights! Wax amaryllis bulbs are also available dressed up in unique cozy Christmas sweaters.

Decorating with Wax Amaryllis

There are many ways to display and decorate your wax amaryllis. Many choose to display the bulbs on counters, windowsills, fireplaces, or mantles. Another way to decorate with wax amaryllis is by adding elements to them as centerpieces or displays for events, dinners, or family gatherings. Take a wax amaryllis and place one or more in different sized containers like a crystal bowl, shallow ornate bowl, glass vase, or a large lantern. Add some elements to enhance the arrangements, like pine branches, pinecones, Christmas balls, red berries, twinkle lights, or glittered stems. The options are endless! Be creative with your designs and create something that truly stands out.

Need some additional inspiration? Check out our how-to video on creating an easy aromatic centrepiece for your Christmas table.

Brighten Up your Workspace with Wax Amaryllis

Wax amaryllis can add holiday charm to your office space. Place them on your desk to add some Christmas cheer to your workspace! Let the wax amaryllis take centre stage with its colorful blooms and glossy leaves. As it doesn’t require watering or sunlight, there are no worries about spilling soil or water on your work area.

Perfect for Gifting

What better way to show your love and care than with a beautiful wax amaryllis? These flowers are the perfect holiday gift for friends, family, and coworkers. Wow, your children’s teachers with the gift of gorgeous winter blooms. Want to get the kids involved? Decorate the bulb with pipe cleaners, felt shapes, pompoms, or cotton balls using a glue gun. Wax amaryllis are eco-friendly and score points for being a sustainable gifting option.

Wax amaryllis is a perfect holiday flower that can quickly add charm and personality to your home or office. With its easy-to-maintain and eco-friendly attributes, it is one of the best options out there. Moreover, you can gift it to your loved ones, or use it to decorate your home. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this beauty and enhance your holiday celebration.

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