Easy Winter Gardening with Indoor Narcissus and Paperwhites

During the holidays, it’s nice to have living bouquets around the home, and pretty indoor narcissus like paperwhite flowers are incredibly easy to grow. Sparkling flowers as white as snow make for a gorgeous, sweet-smelling living arrangement just 4-6 weeks from planting.

Most indoor narcissi are fragrant, however there are unscented paperwhites for those who prefer scent free flowers. The most common varieties are pure white, although there are others which incorporate shades of yellow and orange. Being an easy bulb to grow, indoor narcissus make the perfect project for beginner gardeners.

Fragrance is personal, and there are more than one kind of paperwhite to explore. If the sweet, musky scent of Paperwhite Ziva is not your favourite, explore the delicate spice and citrus aroma of Chinese Sacred Lily, or the unscented Inbal.

Paperwhite Ziva

Thankfully not all fall bulbs are meant to be planted outdoors. This helps gardeners enjoy planting and growing gorgeous blooms indoors when the weather gets cold. Paperwhite Ziva is among the most widely available and popular bulbs for indoor forcing with large clusters of pure white and sweet, musk scented flowers. Expect to see blooms within 3-4 weeks.

Chinese Sacred Lily

Chinese Sacred Lily has long been associated with Chinese New Year Celebrations. Plant in January for blooms 3-5 weeks later, just in time for the New Year festivities! Each stem bears 5-10 soft white petaled flowers with orange yellow centers. The delicate fragrance of honey, clove, and citrus is unique and homey.

Paperwhite Inbal

Are you sensitive to fragrance? Paperwhite Inbal offers all the beauty without the intense fragrance of varieties like the popular Paperwhite Ziva. The fragrance is faint, so much so that many consider this variety odorless. The stems of Inbal are more robust than other paperwhites too.

Paperwhite Erlicheer

Paperwhite Erlicheer has stunning double blooms of creamy white and soft yellow.  With a delicious and sweet fragrance, Erlicheer is a delightful addition for those keen on adding both fragrance and beauty to their homes.

Grand Soleil d’Or

Interested in a bright pop of colour? Indoor Narcissus Grand Soleil d’Or boasts sunny rich golden blooms with orange cups. This narcissus is also a scented variety with a light fruity aroma. Take note, Grand Soleil d’Or does take slightly longer to bloom than Paperwhite Ziva. After planting indoors, plan for up to 6-10 weeks to see blooms.

Friendly Tip: 
As with all indoor plants, keep a watchful eye on cats and dogs around your indoor narcissus. Place your arrangements out of reach from your furry friends. Make sure they enjoy the blooms from a safe distance.

Most commonly grown at Christmastime, indoor narcissus and paperwhites are a beautiful addition to holiday décor. For tips and directions on how to grow your own paperwhites, view our video on how to plant your indoor narcissus and paperwhites.

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