Throughout the year our garden gives us something to do. There are many ways to share time in the garden. Some are necessary weekly or yearly tasks; some are starting new endeavors, and others involve fun and relaxation. But the benefits you can get out of your garden are endless. Keep in mind that enjoying a garden is more than

Getting busy in the garden is so rewarding, and not only for the blooming flowers, and yummy fruits and vegetables that you grow. There are so many benefits to gardening, including your health! So yes, gardening is good for you! As this year comes to a close, we tend to reflect and perhaps see what new goals and resolutions we want

The holiday season is right around the corner, and nothing feels better than having all your shopping done so you can enjoy the festivities! Buying gifts for your loved ones isn't always easy, and that's why we've curated a gift guide to help you find the perfect something for the gardener in your life! Garden Cart A garden cart is such a

We all love flowers, so why not preserve them for even longer by drying them? Drying flowers is such a fun and rewarding craft, that will leave you with beautiful, long-lasting blooms that you can enjoy in every season! Not to mention, it can be a keepsake of memories that you want to last forever. There are so many different flowers

What is a Bulb?  The general name ‘bulb’ is used to describe a modified stem or root that is in the resting (in its dormant) stage. They usually consist of a large fleshy mass that may have a papery coating. Bulbs store nutrients in the form of sugars and starches to get the next set season stems, leaves, and blooms growing.

What are invasive plant species, and why should you be concerned about them? Invasive plants are non native species that grow quickly and adversely affect the environment.  These aggressive growing exotic plants do not occur naturally in certain areas; therefore, they do not have any natural predators or environmental pressures to keep their abundant growth in check.   These destructive invasive

If you're a home gardener, then watering your plants is probably one of your regular tasks. But do you know how to water them properly? There are some tips and tricks that can help make sure your plants get the water they need, without wasting, or overwatering them. So, if you're looking for ways to improve your watering habits, read

As the weather is getting warmer, kids are (hopefully) taking breaks from electronics and heading outside to play. Teaching kids a love for gardening is a great idea, and it’s also a good way to get them some fresh air! Gardens are generally a safe space for kids to play, but whether you have a large or small outdoor space,