Looking for a big impact in your garden? Garden giants are sure to bring some attention with heights of 4ft or more! They compliment well with the smaller flowers to add vertical dimension and interest to your gardening landscape. Garden giants are perfect for adding a living privacy screen or disguising an ugly fence. Plant in clumps to great a solid

Yellow is a great colour that radiates summer, sunshine and happiness! It’s a strong hue that compliments everything from white and purple flowers to neutral hostas and grasses. Tell me, have you ever seen a yellow flower and not thought of summer and sunshine? Fill your garden full of yellow with some of my favourite summer flowering suggestions: 'Stella D'Oro' Hemerocallis Day lily, this

I recently discussed and shared some of my favourite fragrant flower suggestions which are an excellent addition to the garden for a little extra enjoyment for your senses. However, if you are sensitive to fragrant flowers

Let’s face it, you put a lot of work into your garden to get it to look its best so the last thing you want is some friendly neighbourhood deer chomping away on it. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite deer-resistant bulbs and perennials to help you out. Many of these will also deter squirrels and moles as well. If

When it comes to planting bulbs, it's best to set them up for success. Planting the bulb the correct way will allow it to grow upwards and produce beautiful flowers. Bulbs are smart though, if you do plant them in the incorrect way, they will automatically force themselves to send their roots down and their flowers up, however, they may get

Garden centres are currently fully stocked with summer bulbs. So don’t wait to choose the bulbs that will add extra colour to your garden this summer! Summer bulbs are available in many kinds and sizes. Some are perfect for pots; others are just right for the border. Summer bulbs are known for their countless incredible colours. So it’s not that hard to

I’m really excited that spring is back! It's been great weather in some areas but if you haven't made it out in the garden yet and looking to get started, it’s probably best to start cleaning up your perennial garden. As excited as you may be to get out and go crazy in the garden, be mindful of when you’re starting

Spring is upon us, and that means flowers, flowers, flowers! You're not restricted to just planting in the ground! Bulbs in pots can be your answer. These days, all you need is a few square metres to turn your balcony, garden, terrace or roof garden into your own little paradise. Luxuriously filled containers using flower bulbs in pots provide a simply