Looking for a Tulip?

It’s the first day of fall and a great reminder that spring is only six months away. Why not celebrate and go shopping for your favorite spring flowering bulb? Tulips are the most desired and inspire gardeners like no other flower with so many forms and colour variations, not to mention heights and blooming times. From natural mini-botanical tulips to a garden giant tulip, there’s a setting for each that enhances spring beauty in the garden.

Mini-Botanical Tulip Lizzy

Lizzy captures attention with vivacious cardinal red blooms. In bud, the sharply pointed petals open into wide starry blooms. Each flower has a distinctive black center rimmed with a feathery golden-yellow halo. Mini botanical or species tulips often have six petals and can be left in the ground to naturalize or perennialize. They’re ideal for rock gardens, edging along a pathway, tucking into small spaces in the border, as well as beneath trees and shrubs. Plant them in containers too. They bloom in early to mid-spring and the flowers last for weeks.  Grows to 15 cm/ 6” tall. Hardy to Zone 4.

Double Peony Tulip Night Watchman

Named after a famous painting by Rembrandt, Night Watchman is a gorgeous tulip. Each deep maroon bloom is completely different, some are heavily brushed with silvery white streaks, others less so. Some blooms tend toward wine red, and others appear almost black. When planted in groups the display is unique and stunning. Enjoy them in containers where you can admire their ravishing beauty up close. Double peony tulips bloom in late spring and are ideal for locations that receive morning sun and afternoon shade. Grows 35 cm (14”) tall. Hardy to Zone 4.

Giant Single Late Tulip Big Brother

Giant Single Late Tulips are often called Giant Beauty Tulips. Bred for their enormous bloom size, Big Brother’s classic goblet-shaped blooms are a lovely shade of mandarin orange with soft yellow edges and hints of rose. It grows to 70 cm (28”) in height as giant beauties are among the tallest tulips available. Majestic when planted towards the back of the border, perhaps in a grouping along a fence, Big Brother is sure to create dazzling harmonies when planted with other late-blooming spring bulbs such as alliums and fritillaria. Hardy to Zone 3.


  • Earl Douthit
    October 22, 2018

    How can I get a Giant Single tulip shipped to me? (Red or pink)

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