Fresh & Full of Flavour Salads

rhubarbBy now I hope you are enjoying the great smoothies using some new ingredients.

Now I’m diving into the
healthy side of your meal – salads!

Once again I’m featuring some of the less common vegetables and fruits that you can find in Florissa retailers this year. What a great opportunity for some variety in your meals, giving you a reason to plant some new fruit and vegetable varieties, not that you needed one…

Strawberry Asparagus Salad

Chicken & Kiwi Salad

Fig & Mint Salad

Rhubarb Luncheon Salad

and to top off your favourite greens

Horseradish Salad Dressing

Stay tuned for some more great recipes coming soon. Check out your nearest Florissa retailer to pick up these out of the ordinary fruits and vegetables to grow in your own garden.

Recipes link to and are not property of Florissa.

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