Cut Flower Favourites


Having your very own cut flower garden is such a rewarding treat! You get to bring your homegrown flowers indoors to enjoy. Vases of cut flowers in your house are an instant way to add colour to any room, and a smile to every face.  There are so many flowers to choose from out there, however not all flowers are best for cutting, so we’re here to share with you our top picks for planting in a cut flower garden!

Fall is the time of year to start thinking about what you are wanting to see in bloom come springtime. All of your tulips, daffodils (narcissi), hyacinths, anemones and so many more bulbs are planted in the fall!  The options are endless so pick your favourites or pick them all and start planting!

Daffodils (Narcissus)

Daffodils are one of our favourite bulbs to plant for the fact that they are one of the first ones to bloom in the spring. Not to mention, there are so many amazing varieties, that are great for cutting!

Our top pick for a cut daffodil is Tahiti! This daffodil has a fun spin on the bright yellow classic, that you see just about everywhere. Tahiti is not like your basic daffodil. These beauties have large double flowers, golden yellow petals, a red interior ruffle, and an amazing fragrance, giving us all the beach vibes, its name intended. It’s as close to a warm sunny beach as we can get in early spring, so we give it our vote for best cut flower daffodil! Standing tall at about 50cm (20″), with strong stems, it’s the perfect fit for your favourite vase.


Tulips are a must in every garden! They are so classic, yet there are so many different varieties – it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite! There are so many types of tulips from single early, to triumph, to fringed, and double peony tulips. Plus, tulips bloom at different times in the spring, so you can cut them in succession, we recommend planting different types of tulips accordingly. Whether you know how to arrange flowers or not, tulips are one of the easiest to put together in a vase, seeing instant beauty… no matter how you arrange them. We want to share with you our tried & true tulips for cut flowers.

For an early blooming Tulip, our top pick is the stunning double Tulip Foxy Foxtrot! With shades of yellow, apricot, and subtle whispers of pink, this double early tulip is sure to make you dance! It is the perfect addition to your cut flower garden. Growing to a height of 30 cm (12″), this showstopper has a fragrance that will bring the beauty of spring indoors with you. Find the ‘Foxy Foxtrot’ blooming in March/April, and then you can begin to enjoy the bright colours of spring inside your home!

Mid-season tulips start to show their beauty in April & May, and our top pick is the triumph Tulip Strong Love. Tall and strong this mid-season bloomer grows to 40 cm (16″) and makes the perfect cut flower. It has rich, scarlet red blooms, that will make you fall in love. We like to add some fluffy fern leaves to your vase of tulips, to add some texture and contrast, to really help that red pop! This is where you can get creative and add foliage from different areas of your garden, to make it your very own unique tulip bouquet!

The latest blooming tulips come alive in May, the finale of the tulip season! Many of the double-fringed, lily flowering and parrot tulips bloom at this time of year. Every year we fall in love with parrot tulips a little more, and this year our favourite for cutting is called Amazing Parrot. It’s clearly called amazing for a reason, and it sure lives up to its name! With tall and strong stems, growing to 55 cm (22″) tall, it makes the perfect fresh-cut flower. Its deep red petals, and feathery orange ruffles are sure to make a statement inside the house and will “WOW” anyone who catches a glimpse of its beauty.


Oh, Anemones. You can never go wrong with anemones. No matter how you arrange them, whether it’s one stem in a bud vase or a whole bunch they are always going to steal the show. Our current favourite is the creamy Carmel Pastel Mix, with extra-long stems it’s the perfect flower for cuts. With different pastel shades of white, pink, and purple, no two blooms will be identical, making cut anemones a bloom above the rest. If you ever have problems with deer taking nibbles in your garden, then you’re in luck because Anemones are deer resistant!

Cut Flower Tips

You’ve done all the work, and now it’s time to enjoy your cut flowers inside! Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help those flowers last long inside your home!

  1. Remember to always give the stems a fresh snip once coming into the house so that these blooms can get all the hydration they need!
  2. Always start with a clean vase! You don’t want to put your beauties in any vases that may have dirt, dust, or bacteria in them.
  3. Use clean water! Flowers appreciate a clean glass of water, the same way we do!
  4. Don’t forget to check the water levels in your vases daily, ensuring your flowers have enough to drink!
  5. Condition daffodils (narcissus) by placing them in a vase of water for about 6 hours before adding them to a mixed bouquet.

Growing cut flowers for a cut is such a rewarding process! Watching your garden grow and then being able to enjoy your blooms in beautiful arrangements, is an exciting thing! The options for cut flowers are endless. You can customize your garden to grow the flowers that YOU want to see inside your home! Here at Florissa, love to share our favourites with you and help you along the way. We can’t wait to see what you get growing this year for the cut flower garden!

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