7 New Deer Resistant Perennials for Your Garden!

A perennial garden is a canvas of living art that evolves through the seasons and years. With the arrival of spring comes the introduction of new perennials, sparking excitement! Garden enthusiasts who are eager to discover which plants will thrive, create stunning visuals and bring joy to their outdoor spaces. This deer-resistant delve into new perennials for the upcoming year is an exciting journey with varieties that promise resilience and beauty.

This spring brings an exciting array of new deer-resistant perennials to invigorate gardens and landscapes with fresh colours and textures. From vibrant blooms to healthy foliage, these plants promise to delight both novice and seasoned gardeners alike. The spring garden becomes a canvas of perennial beauty with these newcomers, promising seasons of joy and blooms!

Allium Cliffs of Dover – Ornamental Flowering Garlic

Allium Cliffs of Dover is a captivating addition to spring gardens, enchanting admirers with its exquisite beauty and presence. This beautiful cultivar showcases clusters of pristine white blooms resembling delicate fireworks, each globe of blooms is suspended on slender yet sturdy stems. Growing to 50 cm (20”) tall, its towering stature adds vertical interest to borders and meadows, or can be planted in your favourite container, on your deck or patio! Allium Cliffs of Dover is hardy to zone 7, deer resistant, thrives in well-drained soil and basks in full sun, making it a versatile choice for various garden settings. Whether planted en masse for a stunning visual impact or nestled among other perennials for contrast, this allium cultivar elevates the spring garden with its timeless elegance and serene charm.

Alstroemeria Avrille – Peruvian Lily

Alstroemeria Avrille, with its striking beauty and long-lasting blooms, stands out as an excellent choice for a cut flower. Renowned for its vibrant pink and yellow hues and delicate petals, Avrille adds an elegant touch to any floral arrangement. Its sturdy 90 cm (36”) tall stems and robust foliage ensure a long vase life, making it a favourite among florists. For gardeners, this alstroemeria cultivar offers a resilient addition to the landscape.  Enjoying full to part sun areas this variety is drought tolerant, once established, hardy to zone 7, and very low maintenance. With Avrille, you can enjoy stunning blooms both in your mixed flower borders and indoors alike.

Brunnera Sea Heart – Siberian Bugloss

New to the Florissa lineup, we have Brunnera Sea Heart, a stunning perennial plant cherished for its captivating foliage and dainty blue flowers. This cultivar, a member of the Boraginaceae family, boasts large, heart-shaped leaves decorated with intricate silver veining, giving elegance to garden beds and woodland settings. In the springtime, Sea Heart graces the landscape with clusters of small, forget-me-not-like blooms, creating a mesmerizing contrast against its 30 cm (12”) tall, lush foliage. Thriving in partial to full shade, this hardy to zone 4 plant is a versatile addition to shady borders, woodland gardens, or as a ground cover beneath trees. With its deer resistance, low maintenance requirements and tolerance to various soil conditions, Brunnera Sea Heart effortlessly adds beauty and charm to outdoor spaces, making it a beloved choice among gardeners seeking enduring appeal and timeless elegance.

Dianthus Yellow Bling Bling – Pinks

Dianthus Yellow Bling Bling is a dazzling addition to the world of garden perennials, known for its vibrant blooms and delightful fragrance. This charming cultivar showcases an abundance of cheerful, creamy yellow flowers that captivate the eye with their bright hue and intricate detailing. Each petal is enhanced with delicate fringed edges, adding a touch of elegance to its sunny disposition. The compact, 30 cm (12”) tall, growth habit of Yellow Bling Bling makes it a perfect choice for edging, rock gardens, or containers, where its prolific blooms can be admired up close. Furthermore, its hardiness to zone 4, deer resistance and ease of care make it a beloved favourite among gardeners seeking a low-maintenance yet high-impact addition to their outdoor spaces. The cheerful blooms and sweet cinnamon fragrance of Dianthus Yellow Bling Bling is sure to bring joy and charm to the garden.

Iris germanica Discovered Treasure – German Bearded Iris

Iris Discovered Treasure is a radiant gem in the world of iris cultivars and is renowned for its captivating beauty and charm. This stunning variety showcases large, ruffled flowers adorned with a delightful combination of colours. The petals exhibit a rich tapestry of lilac and dusky pink tones, reminiscent of sunlit treasures unearthed in a hidden garden. Growing to 90 cm (36”) each sweetly fragrant bloom adds depth and contrast in mixed borders. Discovered Treasure blooms in late spring to early summer, creating a spectacle of colour that will enliven your garden landscape. The vigorous growth habit, hardiness to zone 3 and deer resistance make it a resilient and reliable choice for both novice and seasoned gardeners. With its exquisite blooms and graceful presence, this bearded iris promises years of delight.

Paeonia Many Happy Returns – Garden Peony

Many Happy Returns is a delightful peony cultivar renowned for its abundant blooms and vibrant colour. With its huge 50 cm (6”) double bomb-type blooms, Many Happy Returns brings joy to any garden with its cheerful presence. The petals display captivating shades of vibrant red, when in bloom from late spring to early summer. This variety fills the air with its sweet fragrance and adds an air of luxury to floral arrangements. Their sturdy stems and lush foliage provide a beautiful backdrop for the stunning blooms, making Many Happy Returns a favourite among gardeners and flower enthusiasts. Hardy to zone 2, deer resistant and growing to a height of 90 cm (36”), this peony, like all peonies, can grace gardens for up to 100 years, so expect decades of blooms. Whether planted as a focal point in a garden bed or used as a cut flower in bouquets, this peony never fails to bring happiness and charm wherever it grows. In need of more information on peonies? Check out our blog on How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Peonies.

Schizachyrium Chameleon

Schizachyrium Chameleon is a captivating ornamental grass prized for its striking foliage and graceful form. This cultivar, a variation of the native little bluestem grass, boasts an array of colours throughout the growing season, hence its name. Initially, its blades emerge with hues of green and white, gradually transitioning to shades of pink and purple as summer progresses. In autumn, Chameleon reaches its peak splendour, displaying a mesmerizing blend of deep burgundies. Its compact height of 60 cm (24”) and hardiness to zone 3, make it ideal for various landscape settings across Canada.  From borders to containers, this deer-resistant grass provides year-round interest and texture. With its ability to thrive in a range of soil types and climates, Schizachyrium Chameleon stands out as a versatile and resilient addition to any garden or landscape design.

Planting perennials is a simple yet rewarding investment in the long-term beauty and health of our gardens. Freshly planted perennials will need a season to get established in your garden.  Then in the following years, they will start blooming and ultimately grow to their mature size and perform optimally.  But with their ability to return year after year, these resilient plants offer a sustainable solution for adding colour, texture, and diversity to our gardens. Whether it’s the vibrant blooms of Iris Discovered Treasure or the graceful foliage of Brunnera Sea Heart, each perennial brings its unique charm and contribution to our landscapes. Add one or many of these new perennials to your garden this year, and watch as they bloom and flourish, bringing joy and beauty to your outdoor oasis. Happy gardening! Contact us for a retailer near you.

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