Make the most of small garden spaces and containers! If this is your first time planting bulbs, this project is super-easy to do, and it’s often called Spring Bulb Layering. Start by choosing a large container for planting in layers. Plastic pots are reasonably priced and available in many different styles and sizes. They won’t crack, and they do offer some protection

Problems with Deer? You’re not alone. Across Canada, the number one gardening issue is four-legged and able to clear fences eight feet high. Spring can be especially challenging because deer have an appetite for the tender greens and beautiful blooms we adore. The best strategy is to plant varieties that deer naturally avoid. There are oodles of options, but here are

Deer can visit the garden any time of year, but they find the fresh tender shoots in early spring so tempting. Thankfully, Canadian gardeners have a great selection of spring flowering bulbs that deer naturally turn away from – especially Narcissus and Allium. These are two essentials in the deer-resistant spring garden, and Florissa has some fabulous varieties available for