We all love flowers, so why not preserve them for even longer by drying them? Drying flowers is such a fun and rewarding craft, that will leave you with beautiful, long-lasting blooms that you can enjoy in every season! Not to mention, it can be a keepsake of memories that you want to last forever. There are so many different flowers

Looking for a unique flower to attract attention to your spring garden, but also to keep critters away? Fritillaria are distinctive and unique varieties to add to your spring flower bulbs wish list. These warm and arid climate natives of North America, the Mediterranean, and North Africa can grow well in our Canadian gardens. So, when building a garden with

What is a Bulb?  The general name ‘bulb’ is used to describe a modified stem or root that is in the resting (in its dormant) stage. They usually consist of a large fleshy mass that may have a papery coating. Bulbs store nutrients in the form of sugars and starches to get the next set season stems, leaves, and blooms growing.

Dahlias are one of the most favourite summer flowering varieties. Unfortunately, dahlia season ends as winter approaches. The cold rolls in and dahlias fade away. Unlike most perennial roots and bulbs such as lilies, dahlias tubers are not winter hardy in most Canadian growing areas. So as a dahlia gardener, you now have an extra task on your fall gardening