Strawberry, meet Pineapple! Albino Berries are a new white Strawberry that is sure to impress with its excellent flavour similar to a pineapple. They are a unique small berry, about the size of a nickel, which is a white to blush pink with bright red seeds. Perfect for any berry recipe! Although the Albino Berry is a new variety, it has a

With 2015 well on its way and New Years Resolutions still fresh in our minds, it’s a perfect time to think about new and healthy recipes to keep you going throughout the year. Smoothies are a healthy snack or breakfast for anyone and I’ve found* some great recipes that feature some of the less common fruits. They are sure to


Flowers are simply part and parcel of a beautiful joyous wedding day. But choosing just the right flowers from so many kinds can be a difficult decision. Have you ever considered lilies? The lily is a flower with a whole tradition of meanings. The symbolism surrounding the lily has sources all over the world. The first stories about this flower date from

Garden centres are currently fully stocked with summer bulbs. So don’t wait to choose the bulbs that will add extra colour to your garden this summer! Summer bulbs are available in many kinds and sizes. Some are perfect for pots; others are just right for the border. Summer bulbs are known for their countless incredible colours. So it’s not that hard to