Beauty doesn’t have to be intimidating. Double amaryllis are easy to grow, so why not increase the loveliness and pleasure twofold? Check out our fabulous double amaryllis varieties! Is it real? Can I touch it? Was it hard to grow? Where can I get these? This is what your friends will ask upon seeing the exquisite flowers of Amaryllis Elvas. Pure white to

You’re busy making a list and checking it twice this holiday season, so when it comes to last minute décor or gifts for anyone on your list, a little help is always nice. Santa's Little Helpers are specially cultivated Amaryllis bulbs that bloom in 4 to 6 weeks from planting.  Plant them in potting soil with a third of the bulb

Everyone can enjoy the beauty of Amaryllis with a Touch of Wax. A colourful wax coating is applied by hand to specially selected Amaryllis bulbs. The wax seals the bulb up tight. The bulb inside has everything it needs (including moisture) to produce beautiful and elegant blooms this winter. Yes! That’s right, there is no need to pot up the bulb in

If you’re bored with the typical Poinsettia plant for Christmas or even just looking for some variety, Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) are a perfect option! There are many that feature the classic red and green combination which is what draws many people to the classic Poinsettia as it just screams Holiday Season. Enjoy them this holiday to impress all your guests with