Paperwhites are a Narcissi (Daffodil) perfect for growing indoors over the winter holiday season. Small but full of character, this flower is one of the easiest bulbs to grow indoors as they do not require a chilling period. You simply put the bulbs in a container and wait, within 3-4 weeks they will bloom which is perfect for those looking

The trumpet daffodil comes from a group of 11 other types of daffodils, such as the double and large-cupped daffodil. What makes the trumpet daffodil unlike other daffodil varieties is its clearly trumpet-like shape. One of the daffodil’s strong points is that this spring-flowering bulb can be left undisturbed in the soil and produce more and more flowers year after

Tired of winter and longing for spring? Is your living room, terrace or balcony ready for a breath of springtime? Create this new look in minutes - with spring bulbs in pots. Flowers, colour and sunlight brighten up everything you do. It’s time to bring that sunshine back into your life. Say good-bye to winter, and hello to spring! Adding colourAdding colour and