Learn About Spring Bulbs

Bulbs are easy and fun to plant! They teach us and our kids patience and great an intense anticipation for when they bloom. Florissa has a lot of information for helping you create the best garden and get inspired along the way.

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Bulb Tips for First Time Planters

  • Flower bulbs make the most striking display if you plant them in large groups. A large clump of one color attracts more attention than if you plant just a few here and there.
  • Making your own plant markers can be a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your bulb garden. Or buy ones made of wood, galvanized steel or terra cotta!
  • Mice can be difficult to ward off. Build a barrier using finely meshed netting or chicken wire laid around the border with the edges tucked into the soil.
  • A fertilizing program helps bulbs stay healthy after they bloom their first year. Add compost or manure to enrich the soil and organic supplements to nourish your bulbs.
  • If fading foliage makes you want to tear your tulips (and your hair) out, don’t! Try disguising the decaying leaves by interplanting annuals or perennials.
  • Planting bulbs where water puddles is a sure way to have a disappointing spring. Hollows, low spots, under drain spouts and other soggy locations will cause bulbs to rot.
  • Note the flowering times. Not all tulips, for instance, will bloom at the same time. A little planning will go a long way.

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