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Welcome to Spring!

The warming sun feels good, the trees and shrubs are budding, young and tender green shoots are poking up through the soil. A fresh new gardening season is before us. Are you thinking about all the things you want to do with your outdoor living spaces? This spring give yourself the opportunity to create the garden of your dreams.

You could win a $1000 gift card or become of 1 of 10 who will win a $100 gift card to spend at your nearest participating garden centre. Just purchase one of the specially marked packages shown below, then check your alphanumeric contest code at to find out if your package is a winner.

Watch for Florissa’s Flyer from your nearest participating garden centre and look for these specially marked packages. Purchase one or all four of these popular varieties and increase your chances of winning.

Gladiolus - Rainbow Mix

Easy to grow Gladiolus Rainbow Mix offers a wide range of colours so your favorite is sure to be included. Plant the corms in the spring as soon as the risk of ground frost has passed, and they’ll bloom this summer. Their tall, sword-like appearance is eye-catching in the garden, and gladiolus grow well in containers too. Orchid-like flowers bloom in succession from the base up to the tip of each stem. Gladiolus make dramatic long-lasting cut flowers, perfect for garden party bouquets. They enjoy full sun and can grow to 100 cm (40”) tall. Plant a handful of corms every two weeks and you’ll enjoy these stunning blooms all summer long. Tender summer bulb. 50 bulbs / pkg.

Lily - Oriental Stargazer

Dazzling Oriental Stargazer Lilies are a popular choice, ranging in shades of light to deep pink or crimson with white edging. Dotted with darker maroon spots, these gorgeous 15 cm (6”) blooms radiate diamond-like sparkle and exotic fragrance in the summer garden. Many people know oriental lilies as cut flowers, but don’t know how hardy and easy they are to grow. Year after year Stargazer Lilies will reward you with the most beautiful blooms. Plant the bulbs as soon as possible after purchasing them. Choose a full sun location in your garden border or plant the bulbs in containers. Dig a hole 15 cm (6”) deep and set the bulb in the bottom. Cover with soil and water right away to encourage root growth. Stargazer Lilies attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden growing 100 cm (40”) tall. Hardy to Zone 3. 5 bulbs/pkg.

Dahlia - Dinnerplate Mix

Every garden is prettier with profusely blooming dahlias, and this Dinnerplate Mix features huge 20 cm (8”) plus-sized varieties. Easy to grow, plant dahlia tubers in the garden after the last ground frost in spring, when there is no further risk of freezing weather. Even if you don’t have a garden, these dahlias will also grow very well in large containers on a patio or balcony. Once they start flowering in mid-summer, they’ll continue to bloom for months. The best part about dahlias: the more you pick for cut flower bouquets, the more they’ll bloom. Their vibrant colours and shapes from informal to formal decorative, cactus and semi-cactus make for fun and festive bouquets. Happy picking! Dahlias grow in full sun locations to 115 cm (46”) in height. Tender Summer bulb. 4 clumps/pkg.

Peony - Mix

Peonies are a true garden classic and beloved for their abundant luscious blooms and exquisite fragrance in late spring and early summer. Florissa’s Peony Mix in shades of red, white and pink is a great start to spring and an addition to your garden that will live on for generations. Excellent, long-lasting cut flowers, peonies are a florist’s favorite. Why not grow your own home bouquets? Plant roots 5 cm (2”) below the soil surface in full sun and water them right away to encourage new growth. Deer resistant, peonies are nearly carefree once established. It might take a year to see blooms, but it’s worth the wait! Peonies are extremely hardy to zone 2 and grow to 90 cm (36”) in height. 3 roots/pkg.

Gift cards are redeemable for goods and products at participating garden centres. Florissa’s gift card contest ends May 15th, 2019. No purchase is necessary to participate, however a skill testing question may be required.

Florissa's Tip

For full contest details, as well as all things flowering, bulbs and perennials, visit FLORISSA.COM


  • Linda Willan
    April 26, 2019

    Quality Garden is probably the best garden centre’s on the Sunshine coast. They have a huge selection to choose from and can meet all my gardening needs at reasonable prices. i recommend them to all my friends who love gardening as much as I do.

  • Patti Szkwarok
    April 26, 2019

    Apache Seeds in a well established garden centre in Edmonton. They can always been trusted for sharing their gardening knowledge, reasonable pricing and just the right products (from bulbs, seeds,plants, soil and amendments, bonsai pots, et al) for individuals interested in organic growing. Bigger isn’t better, their customer service and warehouse can not be beat.

  • Eileen McMillan
    April 16, 2020

    Swan Lake Nurseryland is my garden center (located on the Swan Lake just north of Vernon, BC) They have competent and knowledgeable staff who are always welling to help you and advise you whether it be on my garden, my fruit trees, my berries, my vines, or my flowers. Yes I am a mixed horticultural learner and they have always been there for me.

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