Bulbs4Kids & Florissa

Logo_smHey teachers, let’s get into the garden and start planting!

Florissa is partnering with Bulbs4Kids to introduce an exceptional teaching program to Canada.

Bulbs4Kids is an internationally successful campaign that began in Europe with the goal of getting kids to connect with natural environments through hands-on, fun activities.

Planting spring flowering bulbs gets kids outside and working together, designing a garden, digging in the dirt, and learning about the flower bulb plant cycle along the way. This activity can help kids develop creativity and imagination as well as self-confidence. It can also build a spirit of community in the classroom and bring beauty to the school grounds for everyone to enjoy.

Elementary school teachers can register their classroom now through June 30th 2016 to receive a FREE flower bulb kit and lesson plan from Bulbs4Kids.

booklets_smEach kit arrives in late September and contains all of the educational ingredients necessary to let kids have first-hand experience with how flower bulbs grow and bloom. Kits include various kinds of flower bulbs, trowels, plant labels, workbooks for students, and a teacher’s guide.

The program also includes automatic entry into an exciting photo and video contest among all participating schools, which makes planting the flower bulbs even more fun! The winning class is awarded the 2017 Golden Flower Bulb and receives an inspiring lesson about flower bulbs.

One hundred kits are available in Canada for Elementary Schools. Only one classroom per school can sign up to receive a kit. Kits are only available in English.  Teachers can register their class to receive a free flower bulb kit at www.bulbs4kids.com. The registration deadline is June 30th 2016.

Teachers will receive confirmation of their registration and the Bulbs4Kids bulb kit will arrive in autumn when the planting season begins in your area.

Help the kids in your class connect with a natural environment that’s close to them. Discover how easy and fun it is to plant flower bulbs. Once they’re planted…waiting for them to bloom is the hardest part!

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